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  • The luckiest places for Australian gambling

    Publish on August 17, 2015

    The best places to gamble in Australia can be split into several different factors – location, type of gaming and where Australia’s biggest casino wins have taken place. Titan Casino has crunched the numbers for you. Read on, and play on!


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    Australia’s biggest winners

    The winning locations of Australia are interesting – traditionally, the big historic wins have happened on the Golden Coast, but it would seem that that’s not amongst the luckiest places in Australia. For Australia's biggest casino wins, we need to look all around the country – Darwin has its fair share of big wins too!

    Oldest, newest and biggest casinos

    The best place to gamble in Australia is a tricky choice to make. On the one hand, you have the oldest casino – Wrest Point Hotel and Casino, established in 1939 – and the newest, renovated casino – Echo Entertainment’s Waterfront Casino, to be ready in 2016. With the former boasting live entertainment every night, 269 rooms and 10 bars and restaurants, not to mention over 70 years of experience, it’s a tough choice. Until you consider that the latter has 5 hotels as a part of its complex, a skydeck, a cinema and over 50 bars and hotels.

    The best for gambling in Australia, then? It’s up to you to decide.

    Pokies by location

    They’re not all where you think – sure, most of them are on the Golden Coast, around Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, but gambling in Australia is popular everywhere: there are over 1300 in the Burnswood International in Burnswood, 458 at the MGM Grand in Darwin, and even 250 in Lasseters Casino, Alice Springs!

    Spending money

    Gambling in Australia might just net you some big wins. So what’s next? With Australia’s biggest casino wins, there are several options for you! Why not splash out on $4.1 million ruby red shoes? Or, for the same price, your own private jet? For a cool $33.5 million, you can have your own private apartment in Manhattan! What’s not to love?

    What now?

    Now you’ve got the cash, how about a place to show it? Sean’s Kitchen in Adelaide is a well-known celeb hangout, as is Sporteluxe, Sydney’s most expensive gym.

    Elsewhere in Sydney, the Australian Club is a highly exclusive Victorian-founded business club. While Attica in Melbourne is the number one best restaurant in Australia.

    Good news!

    Did you know that casino tax in Australia is paid by the casino, so you don’t have to? That’s great for you, because in America, casino tax is paid by the customer. Regardless of the actual price of Australian casinos tax, it doesn’t affect you. Not bad, eh? 

    Be a part of the lucky Australian lifestyle!
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