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  • Ten Best Casino Cocktails and Drinks

    Considering a career as a cocktail waitress in casinos? Many cocktail waitresses can make upwards of $100,000 a year if they play their cards right (pun intended!). Sure, the downside may mean long 12-hour shifts, working every weekend or late into the middle of the night, but for some ambitious career-minded women who want to bring excitement to their job, serving cocktails can be just the right fit.

    Alcohol meme

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    Contrary to the impression you get when watching George Clooney order "whiskey and whiskey" in Ocean's 11, not every player drinks it on the rocks. The trick is having a fresh queue of cocktails in your "Rolodex" to suit every player's mood and keep your income from tips heading ever upward. Our guide to the 10 best cocktails for casino players will help build your cocktailing prowess so that you can cash in on the tipping game by knowing what drinks the players love.

    Ten Drinks Casino Players Love


    Beer - Helping ugly people get dates since 1865

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    Don't underestimate the taste of beer! The likes of Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz love to kick back with a cold one! If you notice a player has been drinking whiskey steadily, looks tired and may not be up on their luck, suggest a beer. Consider offering it this way, "How about a beer to cool off and revive your spirit?" For many casual players at the blackjack tables and even at the slots, beer is a good bet - it ensures they have enough cash to stay at the table and keep tips coming your way!


    Best for: Slots and blackjack

    Alcohol percentage: 4-9%

    Presentation: Serve in a chilled glass or straight from the bottle

    Interesting fact: In the Middle Ages, beer was consumed more than water because alcohol made the water safer to drink!


    7 & 7

    Given its name, a 7 and 7 is a smart suggestion at the craps table, but don't bring bad luck by mentioning this number! Play it cool by calling this a "Big Red". Often served as a double, this effervescent libation goes down smooth and will last while playing a bet or two that this complex game is known for.

    7 and 7 cocktail

    Best for: Craps and blackjack

    Alcohol percentage: 40%

    Presentation: Serve in a tall glass with plenty of ice and lime wedge

    Interesting fact: Many men won't order this drink because of its "girly" stigma, but suggest it and they'll likely ask for it over and over again!

    Original recipe serves 1:

    2-4 oz Seagram's 7

    2 oz lemon lime soda


    garnish with lime wedge



    Red Bull & Vodka

    For the tired player pulling an all-nighter, this drinkcan help lift heads at the table and is one of the pricier drinks on the menu. If the player is doing great, but looks like he/she requires a boost, suggest this. If the player requests this energizing cocktail, get ready! It usually means they're fun loving and like to take risks at the table.

    Best for: Blackjack, craps, roulette

    Alcohol percentage: 35-50%

    Presentation: Serve in a tall glass without garnish

    Interesting fact: While it won't actually give players wings, it will accelerate their heart rate packing 80 mg of caffeine per serving.

    Original cocktail serves 1:

    2-3 oz vodka

    2 oz Red Bull


    Bloody Mary

    Perfect for the early risers or anyone going after the hair of the dog. No matter what table they're at, morning players love feeling refreshed with this classic. Suggest it with vodka, tequila and even gin.

    Bloody Mary cocktail

    Best for: Blackjack

    Alcohol percentage: 35-40%

    Presentation: Serve in a pint garnished with celery and olives

    Interesting fact: A favorite of the likes of Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe, and Salvador Dali.

    Original recipe serves 1:

    Celery salt

    1 Lemon wedge

    1 Lime wedge

    2 oz high proof vodka

    4 oz Tomato juice

    2 dashes Tabasco Sauce

    2 tsp Prepared horseradish

    2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

    1 pinch Celery salt

    1 pinch Ground black pepper

    1 pinch Smoked paprika

    1 celery stalk garnish

    olives for garnish

    Shot of whiskey with a coke or soda back

    This modern-day boost helps players loosen and freshen up all at once. Great for blackjack and poker players who are just getting started or those looking to get fired back up after a tense couple of hands. Watch player patterns and suggest it at the right time. A beer is always a great next round so your customer catches their second wind, but doesn't let the sail out too fast.

    Best for: Blackjack and poker

    Alcohol percentage: 60%

    Presentation: Serve in shot glass with soda in tall, ice filled glass

    Interesting fact: Mountain Dew lemon lime soda was originally developed to be marketed as a whiskey chaser, but good news for customers is that Coke beat it out because it made whiskey more refreshing.

    Original recipe serves 1:

    1-2 oz Canadian whiskey unchilled

    8 oz coke or soda water on ice

    Irish Coffee

    The Irish know that not everyone likes to drink a Bloody Mary in the morning. Instead, offer a comfort cocktail - the famous Irish Coffee. Not a bad cocktail for late night players too. From slots players to poker and blackjack players, this one is loved by all types.

    Irish coffee

    Best for: Slots and blackjack

    Alcohol percentage: 40-60%

    Presentation: Serve in a coffee glass with handle, whip cream and cherry optional

    Interesting fact: This warm libation was originally given to travelers along the coast at coffee shops in Ireland to warm them up with whiskey.

    Original recipe serves 1:

    4 oz hot black coffee

    2 oz Irish whiskey

    sugar optional

    whipped cream optiona

    The famous Bond Martini

    Although known best for his "shaken not stirred" request in most of the classic Bond movies, the Vesper martini pays homage to one of Bond's most coveted girls. A mixture of Gin, Vodka, Kina Lillet and twist of lemon, this martini is best when players like to relax and settle in at the craps table. Get the ratios right and your player may be generously tipping you and the dealer more than you expect.

    Best for: Slots and blackjack

    Alcohol percentage: 4-9%

    Presentation: Serve in a martini glass up with a lemon twist

    Interesting fact: It's rumored that Bond never ordered this cocktail following the ending of Casino Royale, but good news for players, you can keep them coming!

    Original recipe serves 1:

    3 oz London dry gin

    1 oz vodka

    1/2 oz Kina Lillet

    twist of lemon to garnish

    A Double Old Fashioned

    Just ask Don Draper, star of Mad Men, what is his favorite cocktail and he'll tell you this one is best served as a double! With a hint of sweet, this all time favorite is perfect for ladies and gentleman. And, they'll tip you well for not letting them stray too far from their go-to whiskey cocktail.

    Best for: Roulette and craps

    Alcohol percentage: 40-60%

    Presentation: Serve in a double old fashioned glass with lemon and cherry over ice

    Interesting fact: Possibly one of the oldest mixed drinks dating back to the Prohibition Repeal era, it is known both as a "manly cocktail" and "something one's grandmother would drink."

    Original recipe serves 1:

    2 tsp simple syrup

    1.5 oz whiskey

    1 maraschino cherry

    1 orange slice

    1 dash bitters

    1 cup ice

    Mint Mojito

    If the sun is shining and it's a hot summer day, suggest this seasonal delight. While it may sound like a lady's drink, all guests will be delighted with this refresher.

    Mint Mojito cocktail

    Best for: Slots and blackjack

    Alcohol percentage: 35-46%

    Presentation: Serve in a tall glass, garnished with lime and mint leaves

    Interesting fact: Ernest Hemingway was known to down 2-3 of these in a single visit to the bar while working on his writings.

    Original recipe serves 1:

    10 mint leaves

    1/2 lime cut into 4 wedges

    1 TBSP white sugar

    1 1/2 oz rum

    3-4 oz club soda


    Gin and Tonic

    This crisp cocktail goes down smooth and packs a punch. Gin and tonic is especially great when players feel overheated from a losing streak and need refreshing.

    Gin and tonic cocktail

    Best for: Roulette

    Alcohol percentage: 40%

    Presentation: Serve in a bucket glass with a wedge of lime

    Interesting fact: Did you know gin is the most popular spirit used in mixed cocktails today and was once prescribed medicinally?

    Original recipe serves 1:

    3 oz gin

    2 oz tonic water

    lime wedge squeezed into drink and garnish

    Do these best cocktails for casino players whet your appetite? Shake up these casino drinks and visit our lobby for a night of great entertainment.


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