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    POLi pay casinos are easy, safe and quick to use. Players can easily set up a direct deposit line, straight to the casino of their choice, without even so much as giving their details to a third party website. That’s right – POLi requires no sign up or account creation to make a deposit.

    What is POLi?

    It’s not an e-wallet or bank transfer – it’s another type of online payment option altogether.

    The idea is simple. You can pay anyone via internet banking, straight from your own bank account – and there is absolutely no registration required to do so.

    For this reason alone, POLi is a fantastic alternative payment method for people who may not have credit cards (but you need a bank account to use it), or people who are anxious about giving out their personal or financial information, or even shopping online.

    Want to know more about the POLi payment method? Watch this video:

    Why play POLi games?

    Casinos that use POLi are not only flexible with their deposit methods, but also have a safe, simple deposit process. Even better – it means deposits can be made quickly and with less hassle, as you don’t even need to set up a POLi account.

    With other payment methods, it’s usually the case that you must register to the site before using their software, much less making an online casino deposit or withdrawal with is. When using POLi to make casino deposits however, you can do all this faster – and get playing even quicker. There is no sign up required, it is free to use and secure.

    Making POLi casino deposits

    It’s very easy to do – let Titan Casino walk you through it: 

    1. Either log in/ sign up at Titan Casino.
    2. Go to the cashier and click ‘Deposit’.
    3. Select POLi. Enter the amount to deposit and click ‘Deposit’.

    If you’re still unsure, try this easy demonstration of how to use the software for yourself. Scroll down to this screen and click on ‘Try POLi’:

    POLi demonstration box

    Make sure to follow all of the instructions on the pop-ups…

    POLi demo pop-up

    And you’ll have made a demo POLi payment!

    If you’d rather not try out the demonstration, then the steps you need to follow in order to pay with POLi are:

    1. Choose to pay with POLi,
    2. Select your bank from the list and click Proceed With Payment
    3. Log in directly to your bank
    4. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction
    5. Complete the payment and receive your receipt

    Once you’ve successfully completed your transaction, you can start to play casino games at Titan Casino.

    Advantages and disadvantages of using POLi

    As with any online payment, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider when using POLI:


    • It is quick and easy, as well as safe and secure to use.
    • There is no sign up required, so one less place online where your personal details are stored.
    •  You don’t need to log in to your bank to complete a payment.
    • You don’t need to have a credit card to make a payment.


    • Not needing to create an account means your details aren’t stored, and that you have to follow the steps each time – there is no shortcut.
    • Your mobile data is used to complete the payment – so if you’re running low on data, it may be a problem.
    • As above, making a payment with POLi may drain your mobile battery.


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